Alex Jones trial – live: Infowars host unleashes rant as Sandy Hook lawyer points out victims’ families in court

Jury shown video of Alex Jones mocking Sandy Hook parents

Alex Jones screamed that he was “done apologising” for his Sandy Hook hoax claims as the families of victims watched on in the courtroom.

Jones lost his temper with lawyer Chris Mattei after he was told he had put a “target on the back” of Robbie Parker.

“Is this a struggle session, are we in China? I have already said sorry hundreds of times and I am done saying I am sorry. I didn’t generate this, I was not the first person to say it,” Jones told the court.

Jones is testifying in his second defamation trial against the families of the victims of the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting that he branded a hoax.

The Infowars conspiracy theorist’s testimony follows his repeated outbursts outside the courthouse this week, where he called presiding Judge Barbara Bellis “a tyrant”, ranted about the media’s portrayal of developments in his company’s bankruptcy trial and insisted he didn’t lie about the 2012 massacre “on purpose”.

Relatives of two Sandy Hook victims took the stand on Wednesday, telling how they’ve been targeted with vile threats for years as a result of Jones’ egregious claims about the shooting.

The jury was shown multiple videos of Jones making those claims in broadcasts to millions, including when he mocked the parents of victims as “crisis actors” and displayed completely false information about the events of the day.

Jurors also heard how Jones’s audience and revenues grew exponentially following the tragedy.

The jury will decide how much he should pay relatives of eight victims and the FBI agent who responded to the shooting.


ICYMI: There was a testy moment in court as all the parties try to figure out how to have Jones answer questions in a way that does not take him into areas in which he is forbidden from speaking about by the court.


Alex Jones shamelessly asks for Infowars cryptocurrency donations during Sandy Hook trial testimony

‘We’re fighting the deep state, we need money,’ Jones says on the stand.


ICYMI: There is a back-and-forth regarding the presence of child exploitation material in discovery documents.

Here’s an explanation from Vice’s Anna Merlan and how this played out in court.

The FBI found that there was no evidence that the material had anything to do with anyone at Infowars.

The plaintiffs’ attorneys seem to be comparing the outrage Jones felt at being falsely accused of spreading child exploitation material with how the Sandy Hook families felt about the false things he said about them.


Watch: Jones talks about importance of ‘crushing globalists’


Judge warns Alex Jones

After the jury was sent home for the day, Judge Barbara Bellis said that moving forward she will have a zero-tolerance policy in her courtroom.

The judge warned Jones and his lawyer that they either obey the rules about politics and curb his outbursts, or they would face a contempt hearing.


Court is back in session

Mr Mattei says he has 20 minutes left with Jones on the stand and court will end for that after his direct examination.


Court takes afternoon break

Case will resume following break


Lawyer for Jones says he expected more outbursts

Norm Pattis made the admission to Judge Barbara Bellis as she ordered a sidebar after sending out the jury.

Mr Pattis could be heard telling the judge that Jones had been “mostly responsive” in his testimony and that his client “is fatigued.”


Jury is back in the courtroom

And the case continues.


Jury sent out of courtroom

Prosecution wants to play a video about a 9/11 truther that it will submit as evidence without the jury in the courtroom.

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