Adria Arjona Takes Us Behind the Scenes of Her Father of the Bride Premiere Look

This telling of the story centers around a Cuban American family and the blending of two Latin cultures, Sophia’s Cuban heritage and Adan’s Mexican heritage. Being Latina, what was important for you to see represented in this film?

I think we’ve always seen a Latin American woman going into an American family and how that clashes or vice versa. But in this case, it’s two Latin American families, and that, to me, was really intriguing and interesting because we have never really seen the clashes between two Latin American cultures, right? And sadly, to a lot of people around the world, they really do think that Latin is just one thing, and what they don’t realize is we have so many different cultures within our Latinadad. We have so many different accents, and we are just so different. We are as an American would be different to an English person. It’s accent. It’s culture. It’s history. That’s how different we are. I’m Puerto Rican, but people have said to me, “But yeah, you’re Mexican.” And I’m like, “No, we eat different food. We talk differently. We are an island. We cannot be more different.” It’s bothered me for years, the ignorance that a lot of people have toward Latin American culture. So in this movie, what I really love about it is you’ll see the differences between a Cuban American family and a Mexican family. But at the same time, we’re all human and want the same things. We all want to be loved. We all want our families to get along. We all want a bright future ahead of us. So it puts everything into perspective. It doesn’t matter whether you are Latin, Asian, Black, American, English, European. We can be so different, but we are still in the human experience.  

You have the ultimate on-screen parents in Andy Garcia and Gloria Estefan. Can you tell us about your experience working with both of them?

It’s so strange to say that I was even working with Gloria Estefan and Andy Garcia. Even saying that, I’m like, “What?!” Even FaceTimes to talk about either the role or let’s go out to dinner, I’m like, “What the fuck?! You are getting a FaceTime call from Andy Garcia and Gloria Estefan.” I would always play it really cool and be like, “Sorry guys, I got to go. Andy is calling me.” Working with two masters really sets the ground when you are working. I never heard Gloria complain. Our hours were wild while filming this movie, and she was in 20-inch heels and never complained, always had a game face on. And you are talking about an icon. You are sharing space with an icon. It was good to have a Latin American example of what it means to be so incredibly successful in this business yet be so funny and cool and chill. They are both amazing, and they have such a beautiful friendship. Looking at them, it’s like, oh, you really can have it all.

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