30 of Nordstrom’s Most Stylish Shoes to Wear to Every Type of Wedding

It is officially wedding season. Whether it’s spring or summer, the wedding calendar is filling up, and every conversation I have with a friend seems to start or end with “So I have this wedding coming up…” Weddings are lovely, a celebration of two people choosing to spend forever together and usually, there’s a fabulous party involved. While so much focus usually goes to what dress or clothing item you will wear as the future best-dressed wedding guest, the most important part of your wedding-guest look is the shoes. 

You’re going to be on your feet for longer than you anticipate, and I can guarantee that it’s important to have shoes that can last you from ceremony to reception. Since different weddings require different footwear needs, I have broken down the best shoes to wear to four different types of weddings. Whether you’re attending an intimate more casual backyard wedding, flying to a fun destination, or attending a classic black tie wedding when it comes to shoes, I’ve got you covered. 

Keep scrolling to see the shoes approved for whatever wedding is on your calendar.

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