26 Special Basics I’ve Been Waiting All Year to Buy From the Black Friday Sales

Black Friday is finally here, so let’s all try to ignore that feeling of panic we woke up with (is it just me?) and get organized. The purpose of Cyber Weekend is, of course, to get some great deals on gifts ahead of the holidays. But from a fashion person’s perspective, it’s also the shopping Olympics. I, for one, convince myself for months before Black Friday to wait until the entire internet is on sale to order some items.

It’s typical to see very trendy items marked down as the season progresses, but basics don’t always see such frequent price reductions. As such, I’m putting the focus here on an assortment of special basics that are finally marked down. Below, you’ll find denim, boots, sweaters, outerwear, and all the everyday things that you may regret missing out on while they’re on sale and still in stock. 

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