12 Body Lotions That Smell So Incredible, You’ll Skip Your Go-To Perfume

We don’t care what season it is—body lotion is a standard, never-substituted, and always-necessary part of our skincare routine. Not only does it prevent dryness, tightness, itchiness, and flakiness (the ones who get it, get it), but it also makes our limbs look better. After all, moisture is the first and most basic step in making the skin look plump, smooth, and luminous. 

While there are many fantastic body lotions out there, lately, we’ve been in a fragranced mood. Blame it on our busy schedules or our ever-expanding inboxes, but we’ve been desiring a more luxurious, spa-like experience. To us, a large part of that is fragrance. Whether it’s a fresh, coastal scent or something sweet and gourmand, a fragranced body lotion has the power to lift our moods as well as moisturize our skin. Some of them smell so good, you might just skip your go-to perfume (seriously). Keep scrolling to see the 12 best-smelling body lotions that money can buy (according to us). 

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